Drupal is still a gated community

One of the things the Drupal community prides itself on, is how open the community is. And that is generally true, but there's one exception. And »

Please stop saying “Not all X are like that”

I'm so tired of seeing “Not all X are like that”. Not be cause its untrue. But because it is stating the obvious. It is completely »

Catalonian independence

First, congratulations to the people of Catalonia, on their referendum yesterday. The right to political freedom is essential in any non-tyrannical society, and I find it »

Something weird, in the neighborhood

This blog of mine has been a weird fixture of my existence. I started it in 2005, and since then it been through quite a few »

On Gratitude and Taxes

One of the most damaging ideas of recent history is the idea that taxes are about paying your debt to society. Originally, taxes was for services »

Presenting the Opening Hours Module

Do you need to tell your visitors when you are open for business? Your office hours, when the service desk is open? Then Opening Hours might »

Installing LedgerSMB with Homebrew on OS X

I use LedgerSMB for doing the finances for Drupal Danmark and Högh I+O. I recently moved my installation to a Mac, and reinstalled it with »