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02 Jan 2021

Gatsby after-action review, moved to Hugo

2020 was not a great year, for my blog, as for many other things. Part of the reason that I’ve got so little written the...
03 Nov 2019

Upgrading the graphics card in an Alienware X51

I’m by no means a big gamer, but I do indulge from time to time. I have a Alienware X51 R3 gaming PC. I’m generally happ...
01 Nov 2019

Setting up a home VPN server with Wireguard

Motivation For a moderately security conscious geek like myself, there can be a number of reasons to want to set up a ho...
29 Aug 2019

How software made me loathe my luxury car

I am the disgruntled owner of a 2015 BMW 320d xDrive. That’s a luxury car, at least to a Dane. And I’m a bit surprised ...
18 Apr 2017

Why I care about the Drupal drama

There’s been a lot said and written about the most recent drama in the Drupal community, quite a few people have asked m...
14 Apr 2017

My take on Mass Effect: Andromeda

Being a huge fan of the first two Mass Effect games (and at least mostly satisfied with the third), getting the fourth g...
23 Mar 2017

A vote of no confidence in the Drupal Association leadership

I have had many differences with the Drupal Association in the past, starting with the many clashes we had with their er...
14 Oct 2016

Now on Drupal 8

Once again, this blog has moved to a new technilogical platform.
09 Oct 2016

The worst kind of publicity

Flying to and from DrupalCon Dublin, I noticed something new in the preflight briefing. It’s been widely reported ...
14 May 2015

Drupal is still a gated community

One of the things the Drupal community prides itself on, is how open the community is. And that is generally true, but t...