Upgraded to Drupal 6

Published on Sun, 2008-12-28 - 03:26

So, I finally got around to upgrading my personal blog to Drupal 6. This was my first Drupal site, started almost two years ago, as I remember it on Drupal 4.7 beta-something. It also has some content imported from my old Joomla! sites, and has gone through countless revisions.

A lot of modules have come and gone on this site, and there was a lot left to clean up, so it took a while. Flexinode, image.module, links.module, img_assist, all…


Preparing for Drupal 7 by changing the way to make parameters for db_query.

Published on Sun, 2008-11-16 - 19:49

After attending DrupalCon in Szeged and following the new database stuff, I thought a bit about how to make the transition easier when Drupal 7 comes out.

I didn't think that it was anything special, but Robert Douglass encouraged me to share it, so here you are:

I figured out that you can actually use the Drupal 7-style of arguments to db_query right now (more or less).

The thing is that db_query in Drupal 6 allows you to use either


Book Meme

Published on Thu, 2008-11-13 - 10:25

"Variables in JavaScript are fundamentally the same as object properties"
From "JavaScript – The Definitive Guide, 5th edition"

A meme from James Tauber, Greg Newman, Justin Lilly, Brian Rosner and Eric Florenzano.


  • Grab the nearest book.
  • Open it to page 56.
  • Find the fifth sentence.
  • Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.
  • Don't dig for your favorite book, the cool book, or the intellectual one: pick the CLOSEST.
  • No cheating :)

Drupal and Varnish HTTP accellerator

Published on Fri, 2008-10-17 - 15:03

For many reasons, it's a good idea to have a HTTP accelerator/reverse proxy on your webserver to take some of the burdens of HTTP and cache away from Apache and PHP. Squid is most commonly used for this purpose, but after hearing about fellow Dane Poul-Henning Kamp's creation, Varnish, I decided to try that out before messing with that many-armed monster, Squid.

And I was very pleasantly surprised. It took me all of 20 minutes to get working,…


Drupal database performance: MySQL and PostgreSQL compared.

Published on Mon, 2008-10-13 - 03:13

As a long time open source user and a chronic challenger of own assumptions, I often test out the alternatives to my current prefrences. While I used Linux, I tended to switch desktop environments every two months or so. I tried out all the e-mail clients, all the browsers, all the VCSes, and even (almost) all the text editors. Before settling with Drupal, I tried out all the CMSes I could find.

I have long felt compelled by PostgreSQL, although…

I'm starting my own Drupal shop

Published on Wed, 2008-10-01 - 00:26

So, I'm finally able to break the news. I've been planning this since before DrupalCon, but there's been a lot of things needing to get done before I could take the final step and do it.

I am, as of half an hour ago, a registered independent business owner in the kingdom of Denmark. I am not alone in this. I have a very good friend and mentor backing me up and guiding me every step of the way –…


My six months with Mollom

Published on Tue, 2008-09-23 - 09:09

As many Drupallers know, Mollom has been out for a while now, six months in fact, and I just wanted to share my enthusiasm about it.

I had the pleasure of speaking a bit with Dries about it in the shuttle bus back from Szeged, and it seems that Mollom's future is truly exciting.

Before Mollom, I've been using spam.module and Akismet with varying degrees of success, and when Mollom first came out, I wondered why we needed another Akismet,…


Thank you, DrupalCon

Published on Sun, 2008-08-31 - 23:26

So, DrupalCon is now over. I'm sitting here in the shuttle bus to Budapest with Dries, Webchick, Addison Berry, Tiburon and Drew. It's been an exciting week for me, so many new friends and so much new knowledge.

Of all the 503 participants, there were only a precious few I had met in real life before, so it was all a bit daunting, but now I'm really glad I went.

It's hard to find words for how great I think…


Less pagination on the web, please.

Published on Thu, 2008-08-14 - 16:56

I recently had the pleasure of a client at work that wanted pagination for his online newspaper-thing, and so I had the opportunity to think a bit about pagination on the web in general, and why it, in many cases, is a bad idea.

First, let me make a distiction:

Logical pagination

Now, this is the good pagination. The kind of pagination (Ajax or not) that saves my browser from having to load all the 538 comments on an interesting…