– can the Drupal community do better?

Published on Mon, 2010-12-20 - 11:51

As you may know, Yahoo! is in trouble, and has decided to jettison the social bookmarking service (Delicious).

I am not a big delicious user anymore (actually, I deleted my account when Microsoft was trying to purchase Yahoo!), but this recent closing made me wonder if the Drupal community couldn’t do better...

One of the great strengths of Drupal is self-hosting, and a bookmarking service is not a complicated thing.


Relauching my blog on Drupal 7

Published on Thu, 2010-10-07 - 22:37

More than a year ago, I was agitating for a move to Drupal 7 for all the blogging developers. As is rather obvious now, Drupal 7 was not in a state then for public websites. There was outstanding security issues, no upgrade path, lots of API changes to be made, etc.

However, since that has all been resolved now, I figured it was about time I moved my blog over. I have obviously been preparing for this for some time, as I will get back to in later blog posts.

Presenting Django Password Required

Have you ever wanted to password-protect your Django-site, without requiring user registration, do you find HTTP Basic Auth to be a very blunt instrument for protecting sites or do you want to do StackOverflow style beta-testing?

Anonymous (not verified) Mon, 2010-06-07 - 13:17

Introducing Herd Fire

Published on Thu, 2010-01-21 - 20:49

If you, like me, are an avid Firefox user, you will likely have felt the burden of using the same Firefox profile for a variety of tasks. Having NoScript or ImgLikeOpera installed is handy when surfing, but just annoying when working on developing websites. Having FireBug installed will slow down JavaScript execution on all pages, unless you disable some of its features, regardless of whether you're using it or not. Every extension you install slows down Firefox ever so slightly.

New blog, same as the old one...

Published on Thu, 2009-10-15 - 10:03

So, I finally did it. I've long wanted to do something about this blog, to try and push a better design on it and generally trim everything.

I wanted to try something new and challenging, so now I've rebuilt my blog with Django Mingus.

Building stuff with Django tends to be a lot of fun. I have quite a few ideas that I'd like to try out, so you may see some of my work moving into Mingus.

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