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07 Oct 2010

Relauching my blog on Drupal 7

More than a year ago, I was agitating for a move to Drupal 7 for all the blogging developers. As is rather obvious now, Drupal 7 was not in a state then for public websites. There was outstanding security issues, no upgrade path, lots of API changes to be made, etc.

However, since that has all been resolved now, I figured it was about time I moved my blog over. I have obviously been preparing for this for some time, as I will get back to in later blog posts.

However, I would once again like to encourage fellow developers to experiment with Drupal 7. The process of building a real, public-facing website with Drupal 7 so soon in the process have taught me a lot of Drupals innards, and helped me uncover a fair number of bugs in Drupal core and contributed modules that have since been fixed.

As you can also see in the 7.0 beta 1 accouncement, there is a lot to be exited about, and as we have entered the beta-phase, upgrades will be supported from now on, so the site you create with beta 1 should be upgradable all the way to the final release.

So if you can spare the time to fiddle with it, I highly recommend it. It is an educative challenge – enjoy :)