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08 Apr 2007

Summer is coming

Its officially a very long time since I last blogged here. The year 2007 has proved to be very interesting so far. There’s been a lot of activity at my church lately, and work has also been busy. Our fiscal year ended december 31st, and since then, we’ve been quite busy in the accounting department. On top of that, I have all the technical stuff to take care of as well.

Servers needing maintenance, printers needing fixing, offices needing relocation, hardware needing to be bought etc. And then there’s the websites. As you might know, I use Drupal for content management on almost all the websites I run, and since Drupal 5.0 came out in the middle of January, I’ve known I had quite a task before me. Luckily, upgrading has proven to be a lot easier than I expected, thanks, of course, to the very talented Drupal developers. You guys rock.

We’ve also have some changes at work. I’m not going to do accounting for 2007, so when we’re done with 2006 (hopefully soon), I’ll get to do more of the stuff I really like to do… That is, webdesign.

I’m also going to do a lot more graphical work, and probably also some video editing as well, and to those ends, I’m probably going to get a Mac. Currently, I’m waiting for Apple to release the next version of Mac OS X, and preferably, a hardware upgrade for the Mac Mini. Or whatever Steve Jobs has up his sleeves. And then I hope to acquire a copy of Adobe Creative Suite CS3 - Probably the “Design Premium” version…

It’s a bit like the final few days before Christmas for a little boy. Except this has been going on for months - and it’ll probably be a few more months before it all lands on my desk. But I’ve been working with The GIMP and Inkscape for my graphical work the last few years, and while both are very nice programs, neither can compete with Adobes offerings when it comes to design for print. Trying to get any printing firm to print my “strange” files properly has been frustrating to no ends. Not only does neither program support colour spaces, most of Inkscapes export functions are hackish at best and neither program is capable of creating PDFs with vectors so my prints does not become pixellated. Le sigh.

In addition to that, I’ve finally gotten around to updating my website to Drupal 5.x. I’ve also installed Akismet and so I’ve turned on the comment function again and so hope for the best.