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03 Oct 2006


The perhaps greatest curse of this world is how everything decays. Wear and tear, aging. Everything withers, fades, falls apart and corrupts. The only thing humans create that doesn’t require maintenance is thoughts, ideas. If it can be written down, or digitised and thus copied, it has a chance of escaping the jaws of time.

I had a nasty reminder of that recently. My old computer gave up after a thunderstorm. Now it boots very slowly and crashes randomly. It’s almost like 1997. So I’ve got a new machine from work. An old Dell. It’s a fairly good machine, but the hard disk is slow and it only has 256MB of RAM. So now I run Ubuntu Edgy Eft (6.10) on it. I know I could run less RAM-expensive software on it, but I’ve gotten fed up on micromanaging all kinds of settings. GNOME and Ubuntu gives me a nice and easily managed desktop, although not the same amount of fine grained control as other linux distributions, but I don’t need that 99% of the time anyways. So here I am…

That besides, my mobile phone has also been letting me down lately. I don’t know exactly why, but it seems that something has gone and shorted itself out. In any case it’s broken. Sometimes it works, but then suddenly the display goes wierd. I’ve been using it with negative colors for some time, but from time to time the screen just warbles and becomes completely unreadable, and when rebooted, the screen just becomes white. It says the right start-up sounds and all, but nothing on the screen. Annoying.

The good news is that I’m probably getting a new one soon. I’m probably going to get a nice SonyEricsson K610i1 – and a red one too. It’s even got a nice camera, so I look forward to it.

That’s all for today, boys and girls - don’t break the aquarium on your way out…

  1. I cannot find a proper link for it, SonyEricsson’s site is a horrible mess. ↩︎