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25 May 2006

Of new designs, updates and monstrous printers

As you might have discovered by now, I’ve changed the theme for this website. I downloaded a theme named niftyCorners, and now I intend to customize it. I look forward to getting a design with a bit more character on this page.

Also, Drupal was updated yesterday, so I’ve updated all my sites to 4.7.1. It went like a breeze. Good job, Drupal-people.

In other notes, we got a new printer at the office yesterday. It’s a wizzy color laser printer, the HP Color LaserJet 3550n. It is a really good color printer, actually, and it was a breeze to set up on my computer, due to the nice linux-drivers HP provides. But most of all, this printer is really big. I have taken a picture of it, dwarfing our fileserver and even my old 19" screen. It’s just huge. Enourmous. Monstrous.

Huge printer