Mikkel Høgh

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25 Feb 2006

Outage is to be expected

So, we’ve finally gotten internet at our apartment. That’s really nice. Currently, I’m in the process of changing webhosts for this domain. My current webhosting-deal has expired, and I still have free webspace at my other webhost – same place I host hoegh.org. So right now I need to move database and stuff. I pray that nothing breaks in the process.

Apart from that, I’ve gotten a long-term assignment (as a temp) at one of the local medico-plants (Coloplast), where we box Band-Aids for the Japanese market (among other things), and now I’m working 35 hours a week aside my school-attendance. And then there’s the transportation time. I “waste” about 2 hours on transport each day. Oh, well. At least it’s only four days a week. I have Fridays off at school, and I only have to work 6 hours. And I get weekends off. That’s nice :)

In addition, we’re still trying to get our home functioning properly. That’s also quite a challenge. Tempers run high, and since only two of us have found work here since we moved, the budget is a little strained as well. But we’ll manage.