Mikkel Høgh

Coding the web since 1999

11 Jan 2006


I’m currently going through a strange phase in my life. I have goals and visions for my future, but the way to accomplishing them is still a bit in the dark for me.

Currently, I’m contemplating a move to Zealand (one of the two large Danish isles). I hope to be part of a larger community of christians working to change the nation of Denmark for the better. I’ve sent my applications, and I’m still waiting for the answer. Waiting is tough on me.

I’ve always been rather impatient – but this is really hard. What’s even worse is that I’m really getting fed up with being a temp. I’m tired of never knowing what kind of work I’ll have to do next week. Tired of always being an outsider wherever I go to work. Tired of a mediocre salary for doing the most demeaning work there is. So, what is there to do? Wait. Wait and see.