Mikkel Høgh

Fed up with Joomla!...

Thursday, 5th of January, A.D. 2006

Yes, I finally got fed up with Joomla!. Joomla! is a very nice and shiny system, but that simply doesn’t change the fact that the underlying system is a hacky job. It has too many flaws — and then there’s the politics. A core-developer peddling stuff that could (and should) be part of the core as proprietary add-ons — that gives a rotten stench — at least in my eyes. Joomla! is a good effort, but there seems to be too many vultures around, trying to earn money on it. Too bad.

So now I’m going with Drupal. I haven’t got much time to try it out yet, but it seems very nice - and a much more polished product. No more safe_mode worries, file-permission-problems etc. Great job Drupal-guys.

In other news, I got an iPod Nano from my parents this christmas. A brilliant piece of engineering - gotta love it. All in all, life is sweet around here. Happy new year to all you out there :)

Mikkel Høgh

My name is Mikkel Høgh, I've worked with web tech for the last 20 years. These days, I work with e-commerce in Central Switzerland.