Presenting Django Password Required

Published on Mon, 2010-06-07 - 13:17

Have you ever wanted to password-protect your Django-site, without requiring user registration, do you find HTTP Basic Auth to be a very blunt instrument for protecting sites or do you want to do StackOverflow style beta-testing?

Then Django Password Required is for you. It provides a simple @password_required decorator for your views, and lets you configure a password in your file. The authentication is stored in the user’s session data, using Django’s own session system. This means that…


TurboGears is brilliant

Published on Wed, 2006-06-21 - 22:46

Some time ago, I wrote a small piece about TurboGears, with a link to a review I read on O'Reilly.

Since then I've studied and played with it a lot, and I can only say it's changed my worldview quite a bit. As those who know me, know, I've tinkered with programming for the web since autumn 2002, where I started with some rather immature PHP-hacking. Since then, I've learned a lot. Studied "real" programming languages, like C,…

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