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Published on Sat, 2007-06-23 - 17:44

We had just finished one of our work Saturdays, our irregular fix-up-the-house days. I had been cleaning the basement all day, and everything was shining - after that, I went into the garden to help pruning and weeding.

Just around 17.00 when we were finished, we had a short thunderstorm, with as much rain as I've ever seen in such as small period.

As we live at the bottom of a hill, right next to Lake Gentofte, our basement quickly…


Summer is coming

Published on Sun, 2007-04-08 - 21:04

Its officially a very long time since I last blogged here. The year 2007 has proved to be very interesting so far. There's been a lot of activity at my church lately, and work has also been busy. Our fiscal year ended december 31st, and since then, we've been quite busy in the accounting department. On top of that, I have all the technical stuff to take care of as well.

Servers needing maintenance, printers needing fixing, offices needing relocation,…


Blogging over the Atlantic

Published on Tue, 2006-12-26 - 17:12

So, here I am at almost 11 km. above surface level, not far from the coast of Iceland. We have been in the air for a little more than two hours. Still 7 more hours to go until we touch down in Chicago, and then I'll fly American the rest of the way to Kansas City.

Annoyingly, my hind quarters are already getting sore. We just had the in-flight meal, and since we're flying Scandinavian, we had mashed potatoes with…



Published on Tue, 2006-10-03 - 15:51

The perhaps greatest curse of this world is how everything decays. Wear and tear, aging. Everything withers, fades, falls apart and corrupts. The only thing humans create that doesn't require maintenance is thoughts, ideas. If it can be written down, or digitised and thus copied, it has a chance of escaping the jaws of time.

I had a nasty reminder of that recently. My old computer gave up after a thunderstorm. Now it boots very slowly and crashes randomly. It's…


Eventful days

Published on Fri, 2006-09-15 - 17:31

I got my new camera yesterday, a Canon PowerShot A620. It's brilliant. I'll post some pictures some time. Shortly after getting the camera and playing with it, me and my colleague, Andreas went for a waterside lunchbreak. Which we came to regret.

We drove down there in a borrowed car, a two months old Toyota Avensis. A really nice car. Parked it on a side road to “Strandvejen”, the road that runs along the coast from Copenhagen to Elsinore.…


Awake at dawn

Published on Sat, 2006-09-02 - 06:04

I don't remember when I last was up this early. It's a long time ago, anyways. I've been up since 3:30 this morning, so I'm feeling quite dizzy.

Right now, I'm working on setting up a new file server for the office. I'm going to deploy with Gentoo and SELinux. It's my first time with SELinux, so this is going to be interesting. I hope it works out.


A new home - and where I didn't want to go today...

Published on Wed, 2006-08-23 - 20:23

So, we've finally moved into our new house in Gentofte (an up-scale suburb of Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark). We were finally done moving stuff around at 2 in the morning. Then I got a few hours of much needed sleep, whereafter I had to get up to return the van we rented to move all our stuff in. Then off to work. Work was as it usually is. Chalenging, demanding, rewarding. Good.

So, now I'm in my new bed…


But it doesn’t taste like fish

Published on Wed, 2006-04-26 - 15:08

So, today, I've been out eating sushi with my immediate boss, Asbjørn and another friend, who happens to own an IP-telephony-operator. So that's really interesting. It looks like I'm going to get a little work from them on the side, mainly the installation of phone systems for some of their customers, plus that I'm going to set up their website in Drupal.

That aside, sushi ain't too bad. It's the second time I've had sushi, and I'm still not too…


Having a ball

Published on Sat, 2006-04-22 - 10:54

I can hardly comprehend that it is no more than two weeks ago that I lived in a very small room with two other boys. Now I live in this big, wonderful house, stuffed to the brim with warm and friendly people – and I have a room of my, although not a very big one.

And my new job is very exiting. I've learned a lot this week, when it comes to accounting and the like. I really enjoy…


Outage is to be expected

Published on Sat, 2006-02-25 - 01:02

So, we've finally gotten internet at our apartment. That's really nice. Currently, I'm in the process of changing webhosts for this domain. My current webhosting-deal has expired, and I still have free webspace at my other webhost -- same place I host So right now I need to move database and stuff. I pray that nothing breaks in the process.

Apart from that, I've gotten a long-term assignment (as a temp) at one of the local medico-plants (Coloplast), where…

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