Installing LedgerSMB with Homebrew on OS X

Published on Tue, 2013-07-16 - 22:25

I use LedgerSMB for doing the finances for Drupal Danmark and Högh I+O. I recently moved my installation to a Mac, and reinstalled it with Homebrew.

I thought my installation notes might be useful to others, so there they are. Shell commands are denoted with $. The $ is not part of the command, so leave it out if you copy and paste.

This assumes that you have Homebrew set up and configured, so it will use…


Run VirtualBox virtual machines on boot in Mac OS X

Published on Thu, 2010-12-23 - 16:51

To celebrate the launch of VirtualBox 4.0, I’d like to share a simple trick for making your virtual machines start automatically when your computer boots.

I have a Mac mini server that has a couple of virtual machines running. Until recently, I used VMWare Fusion with a wonky setup with a user that autologins and has VMWare Fusion as a login item, but that has proven to be cumbersome and error-prone, and since both of those virtual machines are servers,…

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