Deploying LedgerSMB with nginx and Plack on FreeBSD

Published on Thu, 2012-04-05 - 19:59

I have recently been looking at LedgerSMB for Drupal Danmark’s accounting needs, but I’ve struggled getting it set up, since it is a classic CGI app, which is not something we usually run on our servers, especiallty since we use nginx on our servers, at it does not support classic CGI. It does support FastCGI, so we need some sort of wrapper around LedgerSMB to get it running.

Fortunately, the wonderful Perl commnuty has a solution for that,…

How to install multicore Apache Solr on FreeBSD with Jetty

Published on Sun, 2011-07-24 - 00:51

If you use Apache Solr with your Drupal site, you have probably come across the need to have more than one Solr instance. You may have multiple sites, or just multiple copies of the same site, production and staging perhaps?

There are two widely published ways to accomplish that. One is to set up completely separate Solr instances with whatever Java-server you’re using. That is somewhat inefficient, and I was unable to get such a setup working properly anyways. So…

Rotating Apache httpd logfiles on FreeBSD

Published on Thu, 2009-10-08 - 14:27

With the disk space available on modern servers, you tend to notice some things a lot less. Like the boring fact that without log rotation, an Apache access log can grow to gigabyte size in no time.

FreeBSD's Apache HTTPD port does not ship with configuration for the FreeBSD log rotation utility, newsyslog, so your logs won't be rotated by default.

That, however, is fairly easy to fix by tweaking /etc/ newsyslog.conf a bit.

Here's how I did it:…

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