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Why I care about the Drupal drama

There’s been a lot said and written about the most recent drama in the Drupal community, quite a few people have asked me why I care. This is hard to answer without sounding flippant in 140 characters, so I’ve taken the time to write another blog post about the topic. This one a little less angry and more reasoned than the first.

The immediate facts

In short, one of the most industrious and influential members of the Drupal open…

mikl Tue, 2017-04-18 - 18:23
A vote of no confidence in the Drupal Association leadership

I have had many differences with the Drupal Association in the past, starting with the many clashes we had with their erstwhile leadership when we were organising DrupalCon Copenhagen 2010, so I’ll admit I wasn’t their biggest fan before the latest events.

Yesterday evening, I learned that the DA leadership, led by Dries Buytaert himself, has taken upon themselves to declare one of Drupal’s most well-known (and well-loved) community members, Larry Garfield, “persona non grata”, because they disapprove of things…

mikl Thu, 2017-03-23 - 07:42
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