Why I care about the Drupal drama

There’s been a lot said and written about the most recent drama in the Drupal community, quite a few people have asked me why I care. This is hard to answer without sounding flippant in 140 characters, so I’ve taken the time to write another blog post about the topic. This one a little less angry and more reasoned than the first.

The immediate facts

In short, one of the most industrious and influential members of the Drupal open…

mikl Tue, 2017-04-18 - 18:23
A vote of no confidence in the Drupal Association leadership

I have had many differences with the Drupal Association in the past, starting with the many clashes we had with their erstwhile leadership when we were organising DrupalCon Copenhagen 2010, so I’ll admit I wasn’t their biggest fan before the latest events.

Yesterday evening, I learned that the DA leadership, led by Dries Buytaert himself, has taken upon themselves to declare one of Drupal’s most well-known (and well-loved) community members, Larry Garfield, “persona non grata”, because they disapprove of things…

mikl Thu, 2017-03-23 - 07:42
Drupal is still a gated community

One of the things the Drupal community prides itself on, is how open the community is. And that is generally true, but there's one exception.

And that is the Kafkaesque horror-show we subject any newcomers that would like to publish their code on Drupal.org to. It goes by the name of “Project Applications“.

Never ending reviews

I know several people who've hit this wall when trying to contribute code. It's not uncommon to wait several months to get…

Anonymous (not verified) Thu, 2015-05-14 - 20:23

Presenting the Opening Hours Module

Published on Sat, 2013-07-20 - 15:42

Opening hours on Copenhagen Public Libraries’ web site

Do you need to tell your visitors when you are open for business? Your office hours, when the service desk is open?

Then Opening Hours might be the module for you. In this post, I'm going demonstrate how the module can be used, as well as some of the API capabilities for extending it.

The backstory

In the autumn of 2011, Copenhagen Public Libraries decided that it was about time they got a better solution for their opening hours.



How to configure Octopress for Drupal Planet syndication

Published on Mon, 2012-09-17 - 12:32

Since I moved my blog to Octopress, I've been struggling with my blog posts not getting picked up by Planet Drupal.

When I started using Octopress, it only had a site-wide Atom feed, and despite my little experience with Ruby or Liquid, I managed to hack together category-specific feeds for Octopress. These were merged into Octopress core, so if you get the latest version from the master branch, you should have these.

Sadly, despite my feed

Shave a couple of stubborn of DIV-wrappers off your Drupal site

Published on Thu, 2011-10-20 - 17:27

One of the more annoying things about theming Drupal sites is having to wade through the staggering amounts of wrapping <div> elements and containers. Some of these are are fairly easy to get rid of. Others require you to override core templates.

I recently found a clean way to get rid of a couple of those. These two were introduced in Drupal 7, and you will probably find them on almost all Drupal 7 sites – they look like this:…


Using Database-level Foreign Keys in Drupal 7

Published on Thu, 2011-10-06 - 16:05

If you use a good database system, foreign keys is an actual concept on the server that is used to enforce data integrity.

With database-level foreign keys, it becomes impossible to break your data by deleting data referenced by other data, without also dealing with the referenced data.

In practice this means that deleting a node from the database could be as simple as DELETE FROM node WHERE nid = 53 CASCADE, and conversely it would not be…

How to install multicore Apache Solr on FreeBSD with Jetty

Published on Sun, 2011-07-24 - 00:51

If you use Apache Solr with your Drupal site, you have probably come across the need to have more than one Solr instance. You may have multiple sites, or just multiple copies of the same site, production and staging perhaps?

There are two widely published ways to accomplish that. One is to set up completely separate Solr instances with whatever Java-server you’re using. That is somewhat inefficient, and I was unable to get such a setup working properly anyways. So…

del.icio.us – can the Drupal community do better?

Published on Mon, 2010-12-20 - 11:51

As you may know, Yahoo! is in trouble, and has decided to jettison the social bookmarking service del.icio.us (Delicious).

I am not a big delicious user anymore (actually, I deleted my account when Microsoft was trying to purchase Yahoo!), but this recent closing made me wonder if the Drupal community couldn’t do better...

One of the great strengths of Drupal is self-hosting, and a bookmarking service is not a complicated thing.

Thus, I am planning to put in a bit…


Relauching my blog on Drupal 7

Published on Thu, 2010-10-07 - 22:37

More than a year ago, I was agitating for a move to Drupal 7 for all the blogging developers. As is rather obvious now, Drupal 7 was not in a state then for public websites. There was outstanding security issues, no upgrade path, lots of API changes to be made, etc.

However, since that has all been resolved now, I figured it was about time I moved my blog over. I have obviously been preparing for this for some time,…

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